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Ice-Cream Recipe

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healthy snack recipes
 with Ice Cream

Ingredients(For 3 Persons)

1]6 Slices of Breads
2]150 Grams of Vanilla Ice-Cream

3]Chocolate Sauce
4]300 Grams of Ghee
5]2 Cups of milk


1]Take Bread Slices and remove its brown corner with the help of knife.
2]Make 3 Scoops of Vanilla Ice-Cream,and take it into the Plate.
3]Deep 2 Bread Slice in a milk at a time by placing it one over another.
4]Press bread with light hand and remove additional Milk.
5]Put 1 Ice-Cream Scoop in between 2-Deep Breads and make it in a round Shape.
6]Follow these steps in all 6-Breads.
7]Now your 3 Ice-Cream Balls is Ready.
8]Now put it into Freezer for 7-8 Hours to make it Tight & Hard.
9]After 8th Step,take a pan and put 300 Grams Ghee,keep it on gas till the time hot Vapor comes, then put 1 Ice-Cream ball at a time and Backed it in Ghee from both sides till the color becomes light brown.
10]After 9Th Step take the Brown Balls into a Bowl and pour Chocolate Sauce over it.
11]Finally your Hot& Cold Ice-Cream is Ready,Now serve it immediately.
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  1. Its really Great Dear !! Thank you to share this nice recipe.

  2. Nice Recipe Aashiya, keep it up and keep posting such yummy dishes.......