Wednesday, 18 September 2013

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If you are looking for quick and easy dinner recipes and healthy snack recipes then you are on the right place,I am Aashiya Tongia from Indore,India brings weekly recipes for you which can be prepared instantly.

healthy snack recipes with jalebi


1]250 gram maida(all purpose flour)
2]2 tbsp gram flour (Besan)

3]1 tbsp oil
4]3 tbsp curd
5]1/2 tsp yellow food color
6]2 cup sugar
7]1 tsp lemon juice
8]1 tsp saffron
9}ghee for deep fry
10]1/2 tsp cardamom powder

1]Take bowl and put maida,besan,oil,curd and pour little hot water in series and mix it till medium thick batter is prepared.than put the ready batter at hot place for 7-8 hour.
2]for sugar syrup ,take a pan and put sugar and 1 cup water at medium flame till single thread sugar syrup is ready .than put saffron,lemon juice and cardamom in it.
3]After 6-8 hour add color in batter and mix it properly.than pour the ready batter in jalebi making bottle.
4]Take flat non stick pan put it on medium flame and pour ghee for deep frying jalebi.after 2-3 min pour the jalebi batter in pan and make continuous 2-3 circle,fey the jalebi from both the side till it become crispy .
5]Put the jalebi in sugar syrup for 6-8 jalebi is ready to serve.
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  1. mmmm jalebi's are my favorite snacks of all the time, now i am not gonna miss the chance to try this amazing recipe and you made my day, thank you very much.